About F-FIVE

What is F-FIVE?

For all modern internet browsers, the F5 button on a keyboard; if pressed, will refresh or reload the page or document window.

With that being said, the "Internet Browser" is "Us" in essence our "Brain", and sometimes we as people, need to refresh our minds, refresh how we think, and reload with a new approach.

We bring to you "F-FIVE" Clothing Company.

F-FIVE is symbolized by our F-FIVE (FV) logo. The logo is a stylized letter "F" inside the middle of a stylized roman numeral "V". The "F" and the "V" stand for F-FIVE.

F-FIVE was created to inspire people to feel better, be better and do better. It's more than just a brand. It's a Life Style.

So remember, every day is a new day. Start fresh, be fresh, and be you.
F-FIVE "Refreshed & Reloaded"